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Alpinestars Nucleon Plasma MC Ryggskydd Insats Röd-Svart


The extremely lightweight Level 2 CE and UKCA certified Nucleon Plasma Back Protector Insert features Alpinestars’ Nucleon Plasma Technology.

Unique to Alpinestars, Plasma is an eco-friendly, sustainable and lightweight impact absorbing material, while its clever design delivers class-leading levels of adaptability, breathability and ventilation.

Backed with a soft-touch textile coating, this ultra-adaptive protector delivers the optimum balance of force dispersion, flexibility and comfort.

• Eco-friendly and sustainable impact absorbing material; a blend of bio-based materials and high performance
polyurethane delivers superb adaptability for an enhanced performance fit.
• Highly ventilated for superior airflow and breathability, with a soft-touch inner liner on the skin side for optimum rider comfort.
• The super lightweight back protector insert is developed in three waist-to-shoulder dimensions in order to cover all body sizes.
• 60 years of innovation and extensive testing and research have resulted in Plasma Technology; the perfect balance between impact force absorption, density, thickness and pliability.
• The adoption of Nucleon Plasma Technology allows Alpinestars to tailor the geometry throughout the protector, resulting in extensive perforations while still far exceeding the impact performance requirements of the CE Standards.
• Another standout feature of this design is the extensive number of lateral and longitudinal ventilation channels for effective heat dissipation.
• The Nucleon Plasma Back Protector Insert’s innovative design allows the protector to compress and extend on itself which delivers an ultra-adaptive fit for superior rider comfort.
• Category II EN 1621-2:2014 Level 2.

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